Innovation is ongoing process at Saraf Foods and is driven by the fact that Freeze Drying is one of the best preservation technic available today and yet unknown.

Continuous tests and trials are conducted by us in our dedicated Pilot Plant to improve the technology as well as products for achieving optimum results. This over the past years has made us develop optimum drying cycles best suited for individual product to give the best post drying quality.

Pilot plant

Saraf Foods has installed a Pilot freeze dryer for R&D. This plant can be used for small-scale production of market samples and for pilot testing of new products prior to full-scale production. Parameters are monitored and recorded during

the freeze drying process for full cycle. This makes it possible to repeat the test and get the optimum freeze drying characteristics for a particular product. This provides excellent data for scaling-up to industrial production and saves costs and effort of trials.

Experts from our product development team and production can support you from concept to implementation – in the development of your new products. No doubt we can respond to individual requirements / questions immediately and offer customized solutions to various needs and problems that arise during development of a new product.